1. I haven’t seen Jane since last Sunday.

2. Daniel will go to Britain to learn English.

3. This jumper is too small for me.

4. Is that your brother’s bike?

5. Type in your pin code, then press OK.

6. How long does the journey from Poznań to London take?

7. Since when have you known about my pregnancy?

8. It’s much faster to travel by plane than by car.

9. The girl has been waiting for her boyfriend for 2 hours.

10. Let’s call John.

11. Did anyone force you to hide the truth?

12. There is no difference in price between these two hotels.

13. John has a happy childhood.

14. Use your imagination and try to be creative.

15. Knowledge of foreign languages is required by many employers.

16. Tina loves animals, especially dogs and cats.

17. What kind of music does your daughter listen to?

18. Sweets are my weakness. I can’t stop eating them.

19. Ask your parents for some pocket money.

20. My mother sewed the button on for me.

21. Is George reliable?

22. The Polish competitor wasn’t strong enough.

23. The advice will not probably help.

24. Nobody knew about the event before me.

25. If you don’t wash your hands, you won’t get the cake.

26. I knew nothing about the new schedule.

27. Some of your customers asked about you while you were absent.

28. They started repairing the roof six hours ago.

29. They are both very impolite.

30. We decided to return the tickets when we heard the show was a flop.

31. I guess he is the man we are looking for.

32. How would you answer the question?

33. Don’t shout at him. It never helps.

34. I have won a million! It’s unbelieveable!

35. Students like to take seasonal jobs to earn some cash.

36. There’s no comparison between fast food and home-made meals.

37. Prices of food have risen recently.

38. The Scottish are known to wear kilts.

39. I was so tired that I couldn’t hear and see properly.

40. None of us had had a more exciting adventure before.

41. I don’t know who was on duty the night before.

42. Impatience is a negative feature of character.

43. You can’t go hunting without a licence. It’s illegal.

44. What was the most memorable event in your career?

45. My baby is a bit unhealthy today, so I would like to take a day off to stay with him at home.

46. Sara did her best at the exam but she failed.

47. Their sudden arrival in the dead of night surprised us a lot.

48. Listen carefully to what he says so that you can draw a correct conclusion.

49. Mr Jones is the least helpful person I know.

50. Retirement age for men is 67.