These questions you can use as a warm-up during your lesson. There is no specific topic here, however, the questions were designed for adults level B1/B2.

Note for a teacher

You can ask your ss a question, or a student can choose a number from 1-30 to have an impression that he could choose the question independently. The third option is that, T prepares small cards with the questions printed and then one ss takes a card and then chooses a person who is supposed to asnwer the question. The last idea seems to be the most engaging for students, believe me 🙂

1. Why do people work?

2. What to do to be happy?

3. What country / city / town / village would you like to live and why?

4. When is the best time to start a family?

5. Where would you like to come back?

6. Who can’t you live without?

7. What can’t you live without?

8. Have you ever worn two different socks?

9. What brand of a car would you recommend to a person who wants to spend 20 000PLN on it?

10. Does it happen to you that you pretend you are busy because you don’t want to speak to anybody?

11. Who can’t live without you?

12. What are you afraid of?

13. Who are you afraid of?

14. Do you pay attention to the clothes you wear?

15. What period of a human life is the most fascinating?

16. List 3 features of a real man.

17. What do you dislike doing at home?

18. If you had much time for yourself, what would you do with it?

19. Do the commercials affect you?

20. List 3 features of a real woman.

21. How much time weekly do you devote to English?

22. How much money would you be able to spend on a new pair of high heels or a suit?

23. Has anything changed in your life when the spring appeared?

24. What are your responsibilities at work?

25. What are your plans for the future?

26. What are the reasons of arguments between parents and their children?

27. Do you have any spring / summer / autumn / winter resolutions?

28. What should an ideal Sunday morning look like?

29. List 3 characteristics of a good student.

30. Should women put on their make-up?

31. What sort of information can you get in a travel agency?

32. Why do people move to big cities?

33. What does your family do at the weekends?

34. What clothes do you wear when it’s frosty?

35. What is the most horrible day of the week?

36. What can help you when you fall in with flu?

37. List 3 characteristics of a good teacher.

38. How often do you shop?

39. What are the advantages and disadvantages of your work?

40. Have you ever been abroad?

41. What can people do to keep fit and healthy?

42. What is the funniest season of the year?

43. What can a tourist do in the mountains in summer?

44. Do you have a healthy lifestyle?

45. What films do you like?

46. When do you visit a dentist?

47. How can you book a ticket for a package tour?

48. What is the most terrible month?

49. What can you do at the seaside when the weather is not nice?

50. What fears do you have about travelling by plane?

51. Does a village nowadays look like the village 100 years ago?

52. Can you do anything for the environment?

53. What can you do in a post office?

54. How to find a room in London?

55. Is television imporant in your life?

56. What are the advantages and disadvantages of living alone?

57. What kind of shoes do you prefer?

58. Can you imagine one day without the access to the Internet?

59. Can using too much of electronic equipment be harmful?

60. What can you do in a bank?

61. Is it easy to make friends?

62. Can you notice any benefits of having a car?

63. What can you do to relax?

64. Why do people smoke?

65. Do people nowadays read as many books as they did in the past?

66. Why are drugs dangerous?

67. Is love necessary in your life?

68. Do you think women should be in the army?

69. Do you watch advertisments on TV?

70. Should both men and women earn the same for doing the same?