PRESENT SIMPLE HAVE GOT word order 2| czasownik MIEĆ

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Put the words in the correct order. Ustaw słowa w odpowiedniej kolejności.

1. got/you/have/husband/a/ ?

2. Tom/a/car/got/and/big/have/George

3. she/has/brother/a/got/?

4. got/Kate/has/her/room/own/?

5. Martha/got/not/has/small/a/bed

6. I/have/got/a/pen/?

7. he/gold/’s/a/got/ fish

8. he/got/’s/ lovely/a/smile

9. mum/my/got/ ‚s/hair/short

10. they/a/son/’ve/little/got







1. Have you got a husband?

2. Tom and George have got a big car.

3. Has she got a brother?

4. Has Kate got her own room?

5. Martha has not got a small bed.

6. Have I got a pen?

7. He’s got a gold fish.

8. He’s got a lovely smile.

9. My mum’s got short hair.

10. They’ve got a little son.


Podziel się tym postem ze znajomymi:)