What do you know about Great Britain?


1. Who is the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom?

a) Margaret Thatcher   b) Gordon Brown   c) David Cameron

2. Where does the Prime Minister live?

a) Downing Street, London   b) Oxford Street, London   c) Picadilly Circus, London

3. The biggest airport in London is:

a) Heathrow   b) Stansted    c) Luton

4. What is the colour of the London taxis?

a) yellow    b) black   c) red

5. What is Big Ben?

a) the English writer    b) the name of the bridge c) Tower Clock

6. The day free of work in the UK is called

a) free day b) bank holiday c) vacation

7. Who is the British Queen?

a) Elizabeth II b) Kate  c) Diana

8. What is the name of the palace the Queen lives in?

a) English Palace b) Kensington Palace c) Buckingham Palace

9. Who was Prince Charles’s first wife?

a) Diana    b) Camilla   c) Kate

10. When do the British celebrate Halloween?

a)  17 March     b) 1st November   c) 31st October

11. How many wives did Henry VIII have?

a) 1        b)   6     c)  0

12. What does the traditional English breakfast consist of?

a) tomato soup and water

b) fish and chips

c) toast, eggs, beans, sausage, tomato, butter, tea

13. How many sons does the Queen Elizabeth II have?

a) 3   b) 5    c)  1

14. What does “I’m broke’ mean?

a) I am depressed b) I have no money c) I have my arm broken

15. When do the Irish celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?

a) 3rd May  b)  13th December c) 17th March

16. What does the abbreviation BBC stand for?

a) British Broadcasting Corporation   b) Bed and Breakfast Company   c) Big Ben Clock

17. Harrods is

a)  British Museum   b) the world’s most famous department store c)  the branch of British cars

18. Typical red buses in London are called

a) London buses    b) special buses   c) double deckers

19. Speaker’s Corner is

a) in Hyde Park    b) on Trafalgar Square    c) on Picadilly Circus

20. The queen Elizabeth II was born in

a) 1946    b) 1926    c)1915