REAKCJE JĘZYKOWE
1. Hi! How are you?
a) I’m fine, thank you.
b) I’m 22 years old.
c) I am from Poland.
d) I’m here.

2. Jak zareagujesz kiedy ktoś psiknie?
a) Cheers!
b) Ok!
c) Bye!
d) Bless you!

3. Do you want to drink a cup of tea?
a) Thanks.
b) Have a nice day.
c) With pleasure.
d) See you.


4. ……………….. me, where is the cinema?
a) I’m sorry
b) Excuse
c) Pardon
d) Here you are

5. Good night!
a) Hi!
b) Bye!
c) Good night!
d) See you!

6. I passed my matura exam.
a) Good luck.
b) How are you?
c) Congratulations.
d) Best regards.

7. Can you pass me ketchup, please?
a) Here you are.
b) Please.
c) Sorry.
d) Pass.

8. Złóż koleżance życzenia urodzinowe.
a) Good for you.
b) Happy Birthday!
c) All the best!
d) Nice.

9. A: Miss, may I go to the toilet?
B: Yes, you …………..
a) may.
b) have.
c) are.
d) do.







answers: 1a    2d    3c    4b   5c    6c    7a   8b/c   9a