Family Questions

What a family means to you?

Have you got a family?

Have you got sibilings?

Have you got parents?

Have you got children?


 Have you got grandparents?

Have you got any relatives?

Who is the youngest in your family?

Who is the oldest in your family?

Do you love your family?

Who is the most important member of your family?

Is your family important in your life?

Can you imagine your life without your family?

How many children would you like to have in the future?

Do you celebrate your birthday? How?

Do you celebrate any others events in your family?

Who is the closest relative and why?

How often do you visit your grandparents?

Do you like talking to your mummy, daddy, sister or brother?

Are your parents friends or enemies for you?

Do you know your mum’s maiden name?

Are you an only child?Do you have a steady boyfriend or girlfriend?

How long have you been going out together?

Who is a step mother?

What do you think about single parents?

Would you like to be young forever? Why? Why not?

What is the model of a family?

What duties do the women have in a society?

What duties do the men have in a society?

Why do older generations have problems to understand younger ones?