1. How do you usually spend your free time?

2. How much free time do you have?

3. Who do you spend your free time with?

4. Do you have enough free time?

5. What are the best ways to spend free time?

6. Do you prefer spending your spare time alone or with a company?

7. How do you spend your time actively or passively?

8. What place can you recommend to relax?

9. Is SPA a luxurious way of spending spare time?

10. Do you spend your free time only with your family?

11. Why do people need free time?

12. Can you make money from doing your hobby?

13. Which hobbies are the most popular among people at your age?

14. Which hobbies cost nothing at all?

15. Can a hobby save a child from peers’ bad influence?

15. Does your hobby interfere with your job?