School Questions



Do you like school?

How often do you go to school?

What subjects have you got at school?

What subject is your favourite one?

What subject do you hate?


Who is your favourite teacher?

Why do you learn?

Which subjects are absolutely necessary and which ones you don’t need at all?

What are there in your school bag?

What are there in your pencil case?

Do you like reading books?

Do you like counting?

How many classmates are there in your class?

Who is your class teacher?

Who is the principal of the school?

Have you got a true friend in your class?

How often do you go for a school trip?

What do you do during breaks?

How long do you study before a test or exam?

Are tests stressful for you?

How do you relax before an important exam?

What happens if you fail your test?

What kinds of school do you know?

Describe a typical day in your school.

Which subjects are you good at?

How many languages do you learn in your school?

Do you think teacher’s work is interesting?

Do you think a good teacher is the key to your success in learning?

What source of information do you use to get the knowledge? List as many as you can.

Is the Internet a good source of information?

Do you use traditional dictionaries?

Are you going to go to a university?

Which university would you like to attend and why?

Are teachers always fair?

Are grades your motivator to study?

Should Religious Education be taught at schools? Should it be compulsory?

Do you think a man can stop learning one day?

Is private education better than state one?

Why do people learn languages?

Which language is the most powerful in your opinion and why?

When should children start learning a foreign language?