Święta, Święta i po Świętach!! Tyle przygotowań, prac porządkowych, szaleństwa w centrach handlowych i … właśnie skończyły się Święta. W związku z tym, chcę zadać Wam kilka poświątecznych pytań. Szlifujemy PAST TENSES (Past Simple, Continuous, Past Perfect, wszystko w zależności od poziomu zaawansowania) oraz poznajemy nowe słownictwo. A więc LET’S START 🙂




1. What did you mostly eat during Christmas time?

2. How many people celebrated Christmas Eve with you?

3. What did you present to your family and receive?

4. What was the most terrible present you got in your life? Why?

5. Who was the host during this year Christmas Eve?

6. Are you eager to prepare Christmas next year?

7. How many dishes were on your Christmas table? Enough? Not enough?

8. Have you felt overeaten after Christmas?

9. Did you notice any bloops?

10. Do you feel all-in after Christmas madness?

11. Did you find time to put your feet up during Christmas break?

12. Did you croon Christmas carols?

13. Did you partake of Christmas Mass?

14. What unusual wishes did you get?

15. Did Santa visit you in person?

16. Did Santa give you a present or a rod?

17. Would you like to spend Christmas abroad one year? Where?

18. What do you think about multicultural Christmas at your home?

19. What is the average sum of money people spent on Christmas this year?

20. Is Christmas the same every year?